David Senra

June 26, 2023

Arnold Schwarzenegger Before He Was Successful

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My top 10 highlights from the book:

1. No one could restrain his mutinous energy.

2. What separates the champion from the guy that is the second best or the loser is the person who has the psychological advantage. Everything is the mind. I had a psychological advantage. 

3. Not even his peers could understand the enormity of his lifetime dreams.

4. To serve any new career niche he always sought those with brains worth examining.

5. Instead of training two hours a day like most people did, I would train twice a day, two hours. Totally abnormal.
Sometimes three times a day and sometimes four times a day. I would go home during my lunch time, and then do, for an hour straight, just sit-ups to get that extra hour that no one else has gotten in, just to be ahead of everyone else. .

6. He had no time to waste on naysayers. He aligned only with those who shared his passion. 

7. His life began to flourish through the art and science of bodybuilding. Arnold ate it, slept it, worked it, imagined it, thought it, believed it, and trusted it. Bodybuilding became his existence.

8. Arnold was not a man of many surprises. He was clear in his focus, firm in his decisions, and egocentric at all costs.

9. Arnold always felt self-confident, no matter the disparity in sophistication, income or status.

10. Arnold would always convey uniqueness.

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