David Senra

April 14, 2022

Jay Z: Decoded

decoded .jpg

My top 10 highlights from the book:

1. Even back then I thought I was the best.

2. I would practice from the time I woke in the morning until I went to sleep.

3.  I'm not gonna say that I thought I could get rich from rap, but I could clearly see that it was gonna get bigger before it went away. Way bigger.

4. I believe you can speak things into existence. 

5. If you got the heart and the brains you can move up quickly. There's no way to quantify all of this on a spreadsheet, but it's the dream of being the exception.

6. I love sharp people. Nothing makes me like someone more than intelligence.

7. I have always used visualization the way athletes do, to conjure reality.

8. In the end it came down to having a great product and the hustle to move it.

9. Every hustler knows the value of a feint. It keeps you one step ahead of whoever's listening in.

10. I wanted money and excitement and loved the idea of cutting myself loose from the rules and low ceilings of the straight world.

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