David Senra

February 2, 2022

Mind Your Own Business: A Maverick's Guide to Business, Leadership and Life


My top 10 highlights from the book

1. I regard myself as guardian of the company’s soul.

2. Reducing business matters to their essence, whittling away that which obscures or is unnecessary, has served me well. I admire greatly those who practice the art.

3. I loved building a business. What could be better? The products were wonderful. They employed technology wisely. They made beautiful music. My instinct for marketing—for selling, for emotive advertising—was not only indulged, but rewarded.

4. The person who invests in writing, who exercises the discipline to do it well, and who uses it frequently, will possess a matchless instrument for discovery, clarity, and persuasion.

5. I have found that by insisting on simple explanations, the mystery disappears and with it most of the nonsense.

6. Most of all, I told myself, don’t underestimate determination and persistence, and never quit.

7. I believe that refusing to accept business orthodoxy uncritically can open your eyes to opportunity.

8. The best leaders are catalysts who prompt others to reach beyond their most natural abilities to find something they had previously thought beyond their reach.

9. A company requires an articulated mission, a philosophical base, a moral compass, critical judgment, and the realization that it is a dynamic, living instrument populated by complex human beings.

10. Avoid recklessness, encourage daring.

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