David Senra

November 24, 2021

My Turn: A Life of Total Football


My top 10 highlights from the book

1. I'm not capable of doing something at a low level.

2. It doesn't work without full commitment.

3. I'm definitely cunning. I'm always on the lookout for the best advantage.

4. Winning was the consequence of the process that we had concentrated on.

5. A setback is probably a sign that you need to make some adjustments. If you learn to think that way, all experiences are translated into something positive.

6. I always say you play football with your head; you just use your legs to run.

7. To be able to touch the ball perfectly once, you need to have touched it a hundred thousand times in training.

8. The experiences I have been through have given me a vast store of knowledge that needs to be shared so that others can profit from my experiences.

9. My father died in 1959, when he was forty-five and I was twelve. His death has never let go of me.

10. I've led a full life and can look back on it the way you're supposed to. It's been so incredibly intense that I feel like I've lived for a hundred years.

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