David Senra

March 2, 2024

Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable


My top 10 highlights from the book:

1.  You can't excel at anything before you train your mind. Mental dominance is what ultimately makes you unstoppable.

2.  If one thing separated Michael from every other player, it was his stunning ability to block out everything and everyone else. He was able to shut out everything except his mission. 

3.  These (Jordan and Kobe) are the most driven individuals you'll ever know, with an unmatched genius for what they do: they don't just perform a job, they reinvent it.

4.  The greats never stop learning. All the hours of work have created an unstoppable internal resource they can draw on in any situation.

5.  The most important thing, the one thing that defines and separates him from any other competitor: He's addicted to the exquisite rush of success and he'll alter his entire life to get it.

6.  He does not care what you think.

7.  You don't get to be the best at anything without blistering confidence and an impenetrable shell.

8.  Most people run from stress. Run to it. Stress keeps you sharp, it challenges you in ways you never imagined and forces you to solve issues and manage situations that send weaker people running for cover.

9.  Good things come to those who work.

10.  They expect to succeed, and when they do, they never celebrate for long because there's always more to do.

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