David Senra

June 24, 2023

The Founder of Glock


My top 10 highlights from the book:

1. Quality will always bring you more money.

2. He evolved from a provincial manager of a radiator factory to a world traveling industrialist.

3. Glock started with a blank sheet of paper. As a result, he came up with something original.

4. Glock's gross margins exceeded 65%. The Glock's simple design and the computerized manufacturing methods allowed for larger profits.

5. American handgun makers offered many diverse models in the fashion of the Detroit car companies. Glock saw that as competing with himself and resisted the temptation.

6. The important thing that gave him the big price advantage was he designed the pistol for complete production on CNC [computer-controlled] tools. . .The company had startling low manufacturing costs.

7.  He objected to the Pentagon's insistence that the rights to manufacture the winning gun design would be open to competitive bidding. Glock intended to collect all profit from the production of his gun himself.

8. Glock began putting some of the country's most admired shooting instructors on contract to spread the word about the Austrian pistol. The idea was to get Glocks in the hands of instructors all over the country. This was a brilliant way to sell this gun.

9. Government patronage is an advertisement. —Sam Colt.

10. This was the Glock theme: I did it my way.

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