David Senra

July 5, 2023

Walt Disney and Picasso


My top 10 highlights from the book:

1. Disney put excellence before any other consideration.

2. Disney had the American entrepreneurial spirit to an unusual degree.

3. By the age of twenty he had already run his own company, gone bankrupt, and set up again.

4. Disney had a very hard time getting work in the movie industry, trudging from studio to studio and borrowing money just to eat.

5. Disney hired the best artists he could get and gave them tasks to the limits of their capacities

6. Disney contrived to keep abreast of rapidly evolving technology.

7. Incoming cash instantly went for investment in new technology and better artists.

8. Disney, to outpace his competitors, forced the pace.

9. Disney’s production costs for an eight-minute movie were $13,000 and over, at a time when rival studios spent a maximum of $2,500.

10. Disney pursued his own individual way until his death.

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