David Heinemeier Hansson

May 10, 2024

DEI is done (minus the mop up)

In November of 2022, I wrote about the waning days of DEI's dominance, and enumerated four factors that I saw as primary drivers of this decline. Those waning days have now been brought to a close, and DEI, as an obsessive, ideological preoccupation of the corporate world, is done. Witness this tabulation of DEI (and ESG) mentions in earnings reports, reported by Business Insider:


It's over. And thank heavens for that! This graph perfectly captures the temporary insanity of what those nutty years were really like in corporate America. An explosion of sanctimony, triggered by the fallacy that racial disparities in the office (and elsewhere) could only be explained by systemic racism. And, worse still, that the way to counteract this mirage was by compensatory discrimination against "model minorities" (mostly Asians) and "whiteness", as prescribed by the dogma of Antiracism.

And with this explosion of sanctimony came a brief but suffocating culture of intimidation. Anyone who dared question the theology of high priests of this new religion, like DiAngelo or Kendi, were hounded and frequently banished by ideological thugs. 

It didn't matter if the hounded were low-level employees who hadn't kept up with latest woke dictionary (is it latinx now? or latine? or?), executives who dared to claim that meritocracy might actually be a good thing, or comedians making jokes about the insufferable fake piety of it all. There were pitchforks enough to chase all transgressors, big or small.

But now it's done. The tide has turned. The People are sick of this shit. So that's it. All there's left to do is mop up, then make sure we harden our defenses for the next time agitating embers come flying.

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