David Heinemeier Hansson

January 2, 2024

New year, new calendar

We’ve spent the last year tackling the number one request for our email service HEY.com: Adding a calendar! And now, in celebration of the new year, it’s finally ready, and we’re rolling it out to the first customers starting today 🎉

See, it turns out that lots of people would love to switch their email to HEY, whether it’s because they want The Screener, they’re disgusted by spy pixels, they want a better newsletter reading experience, they want to start writing regularly with HEY World, they want to reclaim their attention using buckets of time, or any of the other tons of novel features that make email a pleasure to use with HEY. BUT! They just can’t do it without an integrated calendar. It’s the one thing that kept them using Gmail or Outlook or whatever.

We heard that feedback from the moment we launched HEY, but we didn’t just want to tick a box on a feature chart. If we were going to do a calendar for HEY, it had to be as interesting, inspiring, and innovative as HEY itself. So it took a while to crystalize that vision: What should a calendar look like and how should it work if you designed it from a clean sheet of paper? That’s what HEY Calendar is. A complete rethink, just like we did for email.

And that “clean sheet” metaphor is actually really apt for how the design of HEY Calendar came to be. Jason drew extensive inspiration from his family’s big paper calendar. Which lead us to break the boring grid of a typical computer calendar, and add back a lot of that personality and whimsy that’s possibly with paper. The final result is really good.

Originally we thought that HEY Calendar was going to be an entirely separate product. Yes, integrated with HEY Email, of course, but billed on its own. But towards the end of the development, we changed our minds, and are instead doubling down on making HEY a complete no-brainer purchase for anyone who cares about email and calendar. So we’re including it totally free. Just one subscription, not even raising the price, and you’ll get both.

Just the kind of deal that’ll get someone on the fence about changing their email or calendar or both to give it a try. Inertia runs most people’s lives. If you want to change that trajectory, you better apply some serious force, so here we go.

It’s a new year, it’s an opportunity to start fresh. We’d love to have you checkout hey.com to take advantage of the moment. You'll get an amazing email system right away, and in a few more days, you'll also get our awesome new calendar too. Enjoy!

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