Eldar Gezalov

April 27, 2021

About My New Newsletter / Blog


I think it is time to clarify how I am going to manage this blog/newsletter. If you don’t know, you are reading this on HEY World, a privacy-focused blogging/emailing platform.

Everything I post here is public and accessible by everyone, but I also get to choose which of the posts I will send to my subscribers. I am moving my main mailing list here, so I want to clarify how often I will send emails.

As it stands today, I will continue to post here regularly about all of my projects, including Blocs Master, Blocs Templates, my YouTube channel, and even my regular tech blog. BUT, I won’t be sending more than a couple of emails per month. In the future, I will choose the exact dates for my emails, on which I will send out the summary newsletters (with links to meaningful news and updates).

In any case, if you haven’t already, subscribe and stay tuned for exciting news I have in store for you.