Eldar Gezalov

April 3, 2021

Everything Starts After 2AM

Sleep is very important for humans, and I highly recommend having a good sleep every night.

I am never able to sleep well because I can’t turn off the thinking process in my head. Even when I am tired, by the time I get to bed, I start to think about the past or the future. Dozens of ideas will overwhelm my brain every night, making it impossible for me to fall asleep.

Most nights, I will give up, go back to my computer, and spend as many hours working as my body allows me. I know it’s bad for my health, both mental and physical, but there is one significant point I have to admit.

99% of everything good I have archived with my business was done after 2 AM. 

I continue to fight this unsustainable lifestyle, but I think that as long as my health allows me, I will probably continue to trade my health for success. It is tough and challenging, but I don’t know any better way to archive my ambitious goals.

Published at 4:40 AM via my iPad Pro