Eldar Gezalov

March 6, 2021

HEY World Review - Blog, Newsletter, or both?

A couple of days ago, Basecamp has introduced a new feature for its HEY Email service, which is called HEY World. This new feature allows me to post blog updates and send emails to hundreds of people right from my email inbox.

It is dead simple, but it is the most revolutionary service I have seen in a long time.

What it is
HEY World provides a simple way to start a personal blog with a semi-automated email newsletter built-in. All you need to do to share a new post is to login into your HEY Email account, write a new email with text, images, links, or anything you usually put into your emails, and send it to world@hey.com

It is a huge deal because normally to do this you will have to set up your blog, learn how to manage and publish your posts, and then if you want to send email notifications to your subscribers, you will have to use a separate email marketing software.

With HEY World, you can do all of that inside your inbox.

What it is not
At the same time, it is not for everybody. HEY World is not a full replacement for a feature-rich blog, because there are no customization options, categories, tags, or even an ability to embed video content.

It is also not an adequate replacement for email newsletter platforms like MailChimp. You cannot manage your email list (only export it), you cannot track how many people open and read your emails, how many subscribers click on your links. You can’t even send private emails, because all of your emails are public, on your blog, visible to everyone.

Who is it for
But, if you are like me, and you just want a simple way to share your thoughts or maybe updates about your project, which you can also send as emails to people who subscribe to you, HEY World can be an amazing tool for you.

No tracking, no spy pixels, no cookies, nothing. Only pure information, for people who want to see it.
It is almost as fast as my website. Being a minimalist web designer, a clean interface, and fast page loading speeds are very important to me.

HEY World comes without any additional charge for existing HEY Email customers, which I am. Before HEY World was announced, I wasn’t sure if I will extend my HEY Email subscription beyond the first year, now I am certain I will.

HEY World is just a couple of days old. I am sure that it will change dramatically going forward, but I hope that it will stay focused on what's important - Privacy, Simplicity, Performance, and Value.

I am excited to see where it is going.