Eldar Gezalov

April 4, 2021

SEVEN New Templates for Blocs 4

I have spent the whole week updating the Blocs 3 templates to work perfectly in Blocs 4. It's not something critically important for me, because Blocs 3 templates are working fine in Blocs 4, but it is something I want to do for all of my websites. 

The list of updated templates is as follows:
  • Music
  • October
  • Enterprise
  • Designer
  • Creativity
  • Apartment
  • Inspiration

These templates are among some of the most popular ones I have ever created, so I am very happy to finally update them to work perfectly with Blocs 4.

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Music and October templates have been restructured from scratch, because Blocs 4 works very differently compared to Blocs 3, when it comes to parallax effect (important for Music Template), and creating a website with vertical navigation.

Last week, I have shared a new April template, and I have promised to share a tutorial showing how to do something like this in Blocs 4. I have recorded the tutorial today, after applying the technique when rebuilding the October template. I will share it later today.