Eldar Gezalov

April 4, 2021

Sidebar Navigation Websites in Blocs 4

At the beginning of this week, I have shared the new template for Blocs 4 called April. It has a fully responsive vertical sidebar menu, which makes this website look like a web app when viewed on mobile devices. At the time, I have promised to share a tutorial explaining how to create a vertical navigation menu in Blocs 4, and today, I am finally happy to do it.

I took a few days to record this video because I have decided to focus on building a more traditional sidebar menu in my tutorial, which you could find in my October template for Blocs. To master the new technique, I have spent a few days optimizing Blocs 3 templates for Blocs 4, and of course, it included the October template.

Earlier today, I have released these templates, which you can learn more about here. During the optimization of the October template, I have used the new features we have in Blocs 4 to create a sidebar menu. Click on the link below to watch the full tutorial on Blocs Master YouTube channel.

Check the new tutorial here (27 minutes)

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