Jack M

April 29, 2021

A Return to .NET

My first professional development job was writing Visual Basic applications on the brand new (at the time) Windows CE devices around 1999/2000.  Visual Basic was a slick language, but at the time Visual Studio (or equivalent) was a bit too pricy for my personal stuff.

Since then I've bounced off of the Microsoft development stack a few times.  I've worked in Insurance for nearly 17 years, and Microsoft has a huge foothold in the industry.  As a result I've done numerous Proof Of Concept (POC) apps, but none have made it to serious production.

Now it's time for another foray.  This time I'm following C# 9 and .NET 5 – Modern Cross-Platform Development - Fifth Edition, and once this is complete, I plan to role my daily time directly into Enterprise Application Development with C# 9 and .NET 5.  The latter book offers more insight into how to organize larger projects for ease of use.

Why now?  Why C# and .NET?  This is the stack that is preferred by my current employer, and I feel that I can add more value to the company with this skill, and be a better team player.  It also helps pad my resume, not going to lie, but that's not the core reason.  I do not plan to give up Ruby or Rails for personal projects; I still prefer that stack.