April 13, 2021


Sometimes I forget that it is good to pause for a moment before you publish something. I have said this many times before, I am an impulsive "writer".  Something gets in my mind and I type it right away before I forget. And now that I am using, mostly, Ulysses for my writing, I do run the revision check to make sure things are well spelled and correct.  When at work, like right now, I have Grammarly opened at all times. I use Grammarly even when  I send an instant message to my coworkers. 

There are other times that it's like working on a deadline, I need to get my thoughts out as soon as possible. Why? I do not know, well yeah, impulsiveness. Those times are when after the fact, is when I find a typo or something that didn't make sense, and then I am rushing to edit it. Instead, I should just pause, read and maybe even reflect on what I am about to publish.

That being said, I probably won't take my own advice, because I am broken.

( ゚д゚)つ Bye