March 26, 2021

Something I liked this week

Well, this past two weeks I have been getting a lot of little things that spark joy but I am not planning on writing about all of them.

That being said, something I really liked this week...

My AirPods Pro

I got them about two or three weeks ago but it wasn't until this week that I can say that they really showed off. They quickly have become my favorite way of listening to audio for sure. TOOL has never sound any better 😜, podcasts and books on tape, sound quality is awesome!

What really blew me away though, was watching tv shows on the iPad Pro. The other day I opened up my iPad, put on my Pods, and started watching Dragon Ball Super on Hulu. And wow! It was like having a surround system in my ears! I am sure there is a name for this technology or gimmick but even when I turned away from the iPad, it's like the sound would follow me, and again, the sound was so amazing that a few times I had to double-check that the sound was coming through my Pods alone and not the iPad's. I could not believe how awesome the sound was.

The one thing I am yet to test is going out for a run or an "intense" workout. for the past two years or so I have been using my Powerbeats Pro whenever I am out for a run or working out. This should tell you how long I have been without, working out or out running, 😩.  But that's for another post.

The one thing I miss from the Powerbeats since using the Pods Pro are the manual controls, the physical buttons for volume and skipping, playing, and pausing. The Pods are more tricky when it comes to that. I haven't yet figured out all of that other than skipping, playing, and pausing.

Bottom line, I really enjoy having these, they are great, also I think I got a really good deal in the Amazons there for them. So I am a happy camper!