Craig Ganssle

September 13, 2022

Google Cancels Pixelbook

As seen in this latest article from The Verge, Google has decided to shutdown the Pixelbook.

In some ways I can see why they're doing this, but I also think the Pixelbook was not focused on the right target market. It's not a replacement for a business machine, (I know I tested the first version and while it was close, it fell short). But for students K-12, seniors, and anyone who just wants a machine to browse the internet, they're perfect. 

We homeschool and both my kids, (6th grade and 10th grade) are running the Pixelbooks fully-spec'd out versions I tested from Google.  They've been using them for about 3 years and they're been almost completely trouble-free. 

And while there are other Chromebooks in this category, it meant Google was almost competing against themselves pinning the hopes of the Pixelbook's to other Chromebooks .. and it shows the Pixelbook was priced way too high for what it should be. 

It will be interesting to see if they ever bring them back under another light.


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