Jeff Goeke-Smith

December 14, 2022

Siri shortcut data entry failures on iOS 16.2

My devices just upgraded to iOS 16.2. Immediately after, a shortcut that I had been invoking via Siri started malfunctioning.

The shortcut:


When invoked by Siri, short strings of numbers, "One Two Three" which is displayed on the screen as "123" to the query "Milligrams?" are not detected as type "Number" and the query is repeated.  Non numbers "Battery Horse Staple Correct" are also not detected as numbers.  

Longer numbers are detected correctly.  A minimum of 4 spoken digits detects as a number.  Digit sequences of 3 digits or less are not detected as a number, and the prompt is repeated.

Work around: Adding the phrase "point zero" to the number does have it read as a number. Also adding a unit to the number makes it detect as a number. "one two three milligrams" works.  Also non-sensical units also work correctly.  "one two three miles per gallon" or "one two three feet".

Note, this problem only applies if you are running the shortcut from Siri. Running the shortcut from shortcuts presents a keyboard for number entry only, and works correctly on short digit sequences.

I hope somebody stumbles over this and it makes your day better.  Good luck.