Greg Bunch

March 4, 2021 just became exponentially more valuable

I’m working on a book.

Since I’m an entrepreneur and teach entrepreneurship, I decided to think of the book like creating a software product.

Part of that involves regular releases of small but working “lines of code.“ I’ve been putting bits and pieces into Twitter, LinkedIn, and emails. But that’s been too limiting.

I knew it was time to start a new blog. But what platform would I use? I’ve used a wide variety dating back to the early days of blogger, TypePad and WordPress. I looked at a lot of the new options. But none of them we’re exactly what I wanted.

I wanted something clean and simple. Something like the bear app that I’m dictating this blog post on. Something with almost no administrative burden. An easy solution.

A few days ago Jason Fried mentioned Hey World on Twitter.

As soon as I saw his tweet and went to his description of the offering, I felt like Jason, DHH and the rest of the Basecamp team had been reading my mind.

I immediately wrote to Jason asking if I could be a beta tester like I’d been with Hey last year. He responded that it was just about to release.

I’ve been obsessively. refreshing. my browser. until. just. now.

Boom! It’s here! I’m on!

It’s exactly what I want! just became exponentially more valuable for me!