Brayden Haws

October 6, 2021

Assumptions and Risks

Marty Cagan recently posted about the right "getting started" package of books for those interested in product. And those wanting to become stronger product people. The lineup was two of his books Inspired and Empowered, along with Teresa Torres' Continuous Discovery Habits.

I have read the first two and am working through the 3rd right now. I agree that they are an incredible foundation for product knowledge. I have also been struck by the synergy and shared beliefs between the two authors.

One thing that stuck out recently was the types of assumptions & how to test them, covered in Continuous Discovery Habits. They map almost identically to the types of risks and how to mitigate them, discussed in both Inspired and Empowered.


As you test assumptions you also set a strong foundation for addressing risks. It is encouraging and reinforcing to see how the habits you build at each step of the product journey benefit each subsequent step and each subsequent journey through the cycle.

Looking forward to finishing up the rest of Continuous Discovery Habits and applying the learnings from all 3 books into my daily work.

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