Brayden Haws

October 6, 2021

Career Learnings

"Today is August 17, 2021, which marks exactly 40 years since I began my career in tech, as a new software engineer on August 17, 1981.  At a milestone like this, it’s hard not to reflect a little on your career, and the broader tech industry... I believe I can recall major learnings from every one of those 40 years."

Marty Cagan recently published an article about his 40 years in tech. What caught my eye was the idea of having learnings from 40 years of hard work & success. 

I hope when I get to the same stage in my career I have a similar list of learnings. And to make sure I do, I've committed to myself to take time each year putting those learnings to paper.

I'm grateful for everyone who takes the time to share their experiences and hope that I can return the favor as I make my own journey.

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