Brayden Haws

October 6, 2021

Challenge Questions

I heard an incredible decision making framework today.

Justin Jackson talked about it on the Build Your SaaS podcast.

The idea is simple but powerful. You ground all of your decisions in your values and then have a predetermined set of "challenge questions" (my words) that you test your decisions against. These are things like how will this decision: "make the company better", "improve the team", "improve the product for customers", etc.

A system like this ensures that all decisions align with your values. And forces you to test them equally instead of having different standards decision by decision. It allows you to make high impact decisions, which are often emotional & high risk, in a way that is logical & founded in truth.

You may not get everything right using a framework like this, but you definitely give yourself a better chance.

Justin posted these values on GitHub for anyone looking to try these ideas out for themselves.


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