Brayden Haws

April 16, 2021


I have spent much of this week reflecting on all the good that has happened to me lately, both recently and throughout my life. The big realization was how little I actually contributed to my own good fortune, the majority of it was the work of other or luck. I owe so much to my parents who supported me early in life and helped me believe I could do anything. And more recently I owe much to my wife who has given me the freedom and support to explore my interest and careers, and  let me take a winding and at times scary path. Some of what has gone right for me has been purely luck, being in the right place at the right time, or making the "right" choice at random. And lastly I owe a lot to God who has guided me all along my journey. To me this is all a reminder to be grateful and mindful in all I do, remember how little a role I play.

My role is to keep myself ready when great opportunities present themselves, to strive to improve myself each day and of course to show gratitude for all that has been afforded to me. Stay humble and keep working, great things will happen.


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Healthcare guy turned tech wannabe. Doing product stuff at Grow. Building Utah Product Guild⚒️. Constantly tinkering on my 🛻. Occasionally writing poor takes on product strategy and technology⬇️.

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