Brayden Haws

October 6, 2021

Metrics and Ceilings


Two interesting ideas to deep dive on as you grow your product and customer base:

1. What are the North Star metrics  and actions you should be tracking in your product? There are nearly limitless things you can track but what you should be tracking are the things that make you sticky. What takes a user to a super user? What makes your product something your customers can't live without?

2. What is the invisible ceiling that is holding your product and business back? And once you find it how do you adapt and grow to break through that ceiling?

These ideas were inspired by a blog post by Eugene Wei, where he goes DEEP into these and many other ideas. The post is long but the learnings are well worth your time. (After reading this initial post, I have been plowing through the backlog of these long-from blog posts). If reading isn't your thing there’s also a great podcast version.

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