Brayden Haws

January 28, 2023

Scratchpad Scribbles: Chores You'll Miss

It is hard to get excited about chores. The name sounds boring. But they are another form of habit. Habits build us, make us better, and enrich our lives. I try to reframe chores through this lens. In the moment they may seem dull or a pain. But would life really be better without them?

An example, every week I have to brush my dog. She’s a husky with a striking white coat. But if I don’t brush her that coat starts to look less beautiful. And everything in the house starts to grow a coat of fur. Every Saturday morning I dread the routine of brushing her. I have to set up the brushes and the vacuum. I put on brushing clothes (a pair of clothes that I don’t mind destroying). And then depending on her mood, I fight with her to get her to cooperate. Fur flies everywhere, and she tries to escape, it takes forever to clean up. Not the most fun way to start a Saturday.

But it’s not all bad. I do love spending time with her. And it has made me a more empathic owner. It has made me more disciplined because I have seen the results when I try to skip this chore. So while this is definitely still a chore. And I am not jumping out of bed to do it, I do have a better perspective now. It’s a chore but it is a chore I will miss when it no longer needs to be done. The deeper meaning behind the action is something that I cherish and focus on, even if I do still mutter under my breath while I do it.

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