Brayden Haws

February 23, 2023

Scratchpad Scribbles: Drive and Protect

I love to push myself. I might even have a problem with it. I push myself to do as much as possible for as long as possible. I know a lot of people who are the same way. To me being driven as hell is something to admire. But if you are going to be that driven, you also have the responsibility to protect yourself.

Lately, I have been feeling under pressure to do a ton of stuff. And it is wearing me down. I was looking around for someone to save me. Finally, I had the epiphany that I am the one who could save me. So I just stopped the things that were hurting me. Threw up a wall that they can't get over. 

Sometimes when we are in a driven mindset, we forget that we are the driver. We let others steer us. Or let other forces take control. But ultimately we are in charge. We say when we sprint and when we rest. And we say where we spend our time. Drive yourself and protect yourself, you need both to keep yourself going.

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