Brayden Haws

January 28, 2023

ScratchPad Scribbles: Let's Keep It Rolling

I just wrapped a week of writing a daily blog post. I was inspired to do this after reading that Seth Godin has been doing a daily blog for over 20 years. I first planned to write them daily in my journal, and then if they got good enough, I’d show them to others. But sharing is what it is all about. Sharing brings accountability and collaboration. And how would I know they were “good enough” if others didn’t read them?

After the first week, I can say it was the right choice. Not sure how many people have read them. But it has kept me accountable to write something each day. 

The practice of daily writing has already benefited me. I already kept a daily journal. But there I have the luxury of no one needing to understand besides myself. I can rant and rave and no one cares. A post means I need structure and coherent thought. This daily focus has drawn out some interesting ideas. Both in what I wrote. But also in my work and other projects. And it has inspired me with further ideas, for things to write and build.

This is one habit that I plan to keep going forward. The practice itself has value. And I see myself benefitting elsewhere at the same time.

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