Brayden Haws

March 7, 2023

Scratchpad Scribbles: Staring Into The Dip

I've been thinking a lot about the dip lately. I've known that I am there with both learning python and writing. And so fa,r I have been telling myself that it is worth getting through the dip on both. But I've changed my mind today. 

When I think about learning python, I have big plans in mind. I have projects I want to build. And plans to start a company of my own. Looking down the road, getting through the dip makes sense.

Writing is different. I spent last year becoming a better writer. And decided to ramp that up this year by writing daily. But now I am feeling the dip. And looking forward here, I don't see much to push me through the dip. I don't have any projects or ambitions that are waiting on me to become a better writer. And I am already writing in a style that I like. So I'm ready to quit this dip.

Writing is still important to me, so it's not going away. I'll still be writing personally every day. And then writing a public post once a week. That will let me keep shaping my style and saying what I want. But I can also reinvest the time to get better at coding.

I have a hard time quitting anything I start, but in this case not fighting the dip makes sense, so it's on to better things.

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