Brayden Haws

February 13, 2023

Scratchpad Scribbles: We're Going Streaking

I have been streaking a lot lately. On several projects. But I hadn't been calling it that or even thinking of it in those terms. I was just working on them every day, no matter what. But then I read something in The Practice by Seth Godin, that captured what I was after.

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It seems obvious that the more you do something the better you will become at it. But it is hard to get going. And even harder to keep going. Streaks give you an anchor to help you persevere. Even on days when you are tired, uninspired, or sick of the work; the streak is there to challenge you. You don’t want to suffer defeat and lose the streak. Losing all the momentum you have built would be killer.

So you press on and do the work. For no reason other than to put another tally on the board. But here’s the secret, those days still count in the grand scheme. You still get better on those days. And they ensure that you will still be doing the work on the breakthrough days in the future.

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