Brayden Haws

October 5, 2021

Stack Overflow Podcast

One of my favorite podcasts is the Stack Overflow podcast. I like it because the episodes are usually short but packed full of insights. It also does a great job of teaching business people how to work with technical people. On the last episode Paul Ford had two amazing insights that I had to call out as they were two of the coolest things I have learned lately.

The first was a hack in Slack to funnel work that developers do into a channel that product, marketing, customer success, etc. can review for updates to the product. Listen to the podcast to get the full explanation.

The second thing Paul mentioned on the episode that was a great resource was an issue of Bloomberg he wrote in 2015. It is called What is Code. It is an overview of what technology, code and engineering is, targeted at non-technical individuals. He made a great point on the episode that most resources out there aim to tech non-technical people to be technical, which may not be the desired outcome, rather they may just need to understand how to work with technical people, and this edition of Bloomberg does a great job of that. 

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