Maya Rushing Walker

May 28, 2021


Hey! Maybe it's common where you are, or maybe I don't pay attention, but this is what I saw!


I have a SkiErg machine, which is essentially a cross-country ski machine, next to a big picture window in my study. I was doing my cardio workout with earbuds in, watching an intense and scary show on Netflix, when I happened to glance out the window. That's the swamp over there, and there are also a bunch of small ponds down in that direction. The Merrimack River is also in that direction. So who knows where the ends of those rainbows are, but I was startled!

I rushed out into the rain to grab a I am all sweaty, bedraggled, and rain-soaked! (and the camera app turned the rainbow backwards, but oh, well!)


I promise to populate this space better as soon as I can catch my breath!