Tony Roslund

July 22, 2022

The Podcast Is Back!

It's been a while but we've finally resurrected the Unparalleled podcast! I even managed to get Barry Mackenzie to co-host with me again. We're changing things up a tad and will be focused less on photography and more on misc topics from episode to episode. Check out our latest at or on your favorite podcasting pla...
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February 8, 2022

Q&A: Pricing Product Photography

I had a question hit my inbox today that I get fairly often from people, definitely top 3, along with what camera should I buy, and how do I get clients. On the topic of product photography: "I’m [more] interested on how you structure your pricing and make things easy for both you and the client." -NK Product photography pricing is tou...
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February 5, 2022

99% Invisible City

As usual, I'm reading multiple books at the same time (I read a lot these days), and wanted to continue sharing some of my favorites with you fine folks. The 99% Invisible City: A Field Guide to the Hidden World of Everyday Design by Roman Mars. Ever wonder what the spray painted markings on a city street signify? Ever wonder what the ...
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January 26, 2022

T-Shirts Available!

Hey hey! Just wanted to let everyone know that I currently have a few DO AVERAGE ELSEWHERE shirts available for purchase. I will add more (we have several other designs to release) over time, so check back every couple months or so for updates. There's also an UNPARALLELED shirt in there if you're a fan of the podcast (which will event...
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January 25, 2022

Super Pumped

In an attempt to drastically reduce the amount of time I spend on social media, I've been doing a lot of reading lately in place of endless scrolling. I typically have three books going at any given time; one audio book via Audible, one digital book via iPad, and one printed book. I listen to the audio books when I'm driving or cooking...
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January 17, 2022

It Will Never Be Ready

One topic of discussion that almost always comes up when I am mentoring a colleague (I've paused this offering for the first part of 2022) is the portfolio review. When I ask to see their portfolio, or their latest work, I almost always get the "Ok, here it is, but I'm still working on it" or "Here's a link, but It's not quite ready" r...
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January 10, 2022

New Year, New Resolutions

I've never really been big on resolutions, mainly b/c I'm not good at keeping them, nor have I ever had time to commit to anything for an extended period of time. But this year, since I'm not working full time, I've decided to try a few new things. Set & Follow A Schedule This actually folds into one of my other resolutions, which is t...
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December 31, 2021

Improve Your iPad Experience

I have three iPads. An iPad Air I keep at the studio to use as my register (taking payments in person) and for tethering with Capture Pilot so clients can see what we're capturing during headshot sessions (a whole other post for the future), an iPad Mini I use for reading and morning news browsing with my coffee, and a 12.9" iPad Pro I...
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December 14, 2021

The Storyteller

Another book recommendation! This one is a memoir from Dave Grohl . . . that guy from Nirvana. That line will make more sense after you read the book. The Storyteller is an entertaining one with various tales about his illustrious career. I recommend picking this one up as an audio book, rather than a printed version. Dave narrates the...
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December 5, 2021

Squash: Batch Optimize Images On MacOS

Don't you hate it when you visit a website, especially something image heavy (like a photographer's website) and it takes forever to load, or shit loads in random order? Or the page jumps around as stuff is loading just as you're about to click on something? Tonight I introduce you to a little piece of software I use to make my website...
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November 30, 2021

That Will Never Work

So much I want to write about/share, but don't want to overload those of you who have chosen to subscribe. This time I thought I'd share a book I read this year That Will Never Work: The Birth of Netflix and the Amazing Life of an Idea by Marc Randolph. This is basically the story of Netflix. How the concept was created, all the hardsh...
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November 27, 2021


I plan to write about a bunch of apps over time that I enjoy using on my Mac and iOS devices, but one of them is actually on sale today, so I figured I would let everyone know about it. AirBuddy2 is a sweet little app that basically adds a similar functionality to your Mac that you get on iOS when using Airpods. You know when you open ...
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November 25, 2021

For The Birds

I love/hate social media. It's a total time suck and TBH I don't care that you and your wife are at the farmer's market. If you summit Everest and want to post a photo to share a beauty that most of us will never experience, hey I can appreciate that, go for it. I'd love to see it. Having said that, I primarily used Instagram as a plat...
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November 24, 2021

Paste: Clipboard manager for Mac, iPhone, and iPad

Let's kick off the meat of this blog with a bit of a nerd post. I guess I should mention that I'm a die hard Apple guy. I drink the Six Color Kool Aid by the gallon. So when it comes to computing, you will likely never see any sort of post from me directly speaking of anything PC, Windows, or Android. I love apps. Mac Gems as Macworld ...
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November 24, 2021

The (abridged) Backstory

HeyTony! is written by Tony Roslund (me, I’m writing in the third-person, which is weird). I’m a third-generation photographer, grew up in the family’s studios and labs back east in Northern Virginia. I shot film, but appreciate digital. Over the past 47 years, I’ve done a lot of shit. I worked after school in the lab, shot passport ph...
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November 24, 2021

hey, Hey, HEY!

I've moved all my email accounts (personal and biz) over to, a new-ish service by the makers of Basecamp (aka 37signals for those of you who have been around the Campfire for a while). See what I did there? Goodbye Google. I had a lot of reasons behind my decision to make this switch, not only for my personal email sanity, but ...
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