Ian Mulvany

April 29, 2022

a breath of fresh air, a deeper perspective

In case you missed it, and you want to take a moment for some perspective - the James Webb space telescope has completed it’s alignment of it’s mirrors, and you can see some of the test images here - https://blogs.nasa.gov/webb/wp-content/uploads/sites/326/2022/04/webb_img_sharpness_details_v2.png. The vast majority of the dots in these images are galaxies, galaxies that have never been seen before. To me there is something majestic about our ability as a species to continue to draw back the curtain that stands between us and a deeper understanding of the world and universe that we find ourselves in. 

About Ian Mulvany

Hi, I'm Ian - I work on academic publishing systems. You can find out more about me at mulvany.net. I'm always interested in engaging with folk on these topics, if you have made your way here don't hesitate to reach out if there is anything you want to share, discuss, or ask for help with!