Ian Mulvany

September 19, 2022

A good overview of challenges in adopting AI in healthcare.

At a conference in 2016, Geoffrey Hinton, British cognitive psychologist and “godfather” of AI, said radiologists would soon go the way of typesetters and bank tellers: “People should stop training radiologists now. It’s just completely obvious that, within five years, deep learning is going to do better.”

Obviously today we have not stopped training radiologists. This article from politico https://www.politico.com/news/2022/08/15/artificial-intelligence-health-care-00051828 is a very good overview of some of the challenges facing the adoption of AI in healthcare. Adoption algae been much slower than predicted and some of the factors listed include 

  • Lack of infrastructure 
  • Lack of access to data 
  • A complex regulatory landscape 
  • Lack of patient outcome evidence 

In particular the fragmentation of healthcare systems the difference in systems across hospitals seems like a key issue in the us. That means the NHS should have a big advantage in this area. 

It also means that there remains a lot of potential for AI driven improvement in health systems. It will continue to take time, investment, and a focus on health outcomes.