Ian Mulvany

March 29, 2022

A modern take on research communication - an emerging set of principles

I recently joined the board of Dryad. My old friend Jennifer Gibson is now leading the organisation, I'm excited for it's future. 

A few months ago she wrote a few posts covering thoughts on the future of research communication. They are well worth reading. You can catch them:

 The general gist of these posts traverses not unfamiliar territory  the web should enable us to improve our research communication ecosystems  we have not made the most use of it  how we proceed with an eye to equity is important. 

Jennifer brings a powerful perspective to these questions, and forges a strong set of principles to work towards. She also provides some clear calls to action. I don't want to steal any of her thunder by repeating the key points of these posts, I simply urge you to read them. 

About Ian Mulvany

Hi, I'm Ian - I work on academic publishing systems. You can find out more about me at mulvany.net. I'm always interested in engaging with folk on these topics, if you have made your way here don't hesitate to reach out if there is anything you want to share, discuss, or ask for help with!