Ian Mulvany

April 29, 2021

Are we still figuring out preprints?

#preprints #publishing

There is a very nice set of slides from a mini conference on preprints that NISO hosted here -

My take on this is that the conversation around preprints has definitely moved on in the last number of years, from - oh my god what are these things - to -- OK, we have preprints, what's the best way to enable discoverability and linking. I think that's a good move, but I sure wish it has been made a lot sooner. 

I take a pretty direct line on this, preprints for me are as valid an output of the research process as fully peer reviewed literature, on the whole. Now while there can be differences against many specific attributes, when we step back and away and look at things from a very distant point of view, those differences disappear. 

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