Ian Mulvany

March 7, 2023

BMJ is sponsoring an AI Hackathon in London in April

Generative AI, characterised by tools like GhatGPT and MidJourney, has been taking the internet by storm, and they raise so many interesting questions about the nature of expertise, tools to support human creativity, and how AI is going to intersect with humans in the near and long term. There is a world of a difference between reading about these tools, and getting your hands on them to find out what they can really do. 

At BMJ we are deeply interested in how these tools can enhance, or be a risk to, the future of provision of healthcare, so we were absolutely delighted to come on board as a sponsor of the first London AI Hackathon with a focus on looking at Generative AI. We are going to be bringing some BMJ data, some experts, and some open questions to work on, and we are excited to see what happens - we hope you will be able to join us! 

The Hackathon will take place on  April 21st and 22nd. The event brings together talented people from different backgrounds and expertise (developers, doctors, designers, students, scientists, writers, artists, lawyers) to build new projects using generative AI tools. Whether you have been playing with these tools or not, whether you already have an idea of something you want to build, or not at all… come join in for a weekend of creativity, good energy and wonderful people. And if you have a passion for events and making things happen…the organisers are also looking for volunteers to join their small, but mighty team.  

The organisers are looking for about 150 folk to attend - If you’d like to join as a participant, fill in this short application form (applications close on March 10th)

If you’d like to join as a  volunteer, fill in this short form

About Ian Mulvany

Hi, I'm Ian - I work on academic publishing systems. You can find out more about me at mulvany.net. I'm always interested in engaging with folk on these topics, if you have made your way here don't hesitate to reach out if there is anything you want to share, discuss, or ask for help with!