Ian Mulvany

November 29, 2022

book review - rendezvous with Rama - Arthur c Clark.

I read a lot of science fiction when is as growing up, and I was by far more of an Isaac Asimov reader than an Arthur c Clark reader, so my coverage of the classics in the genre from art Chue c Clark is pretty low. 

In the summer my brother in law was reading rendezvous with Rama and when he finished he gave me the copy. I started reading it, and then switched over to reading it on a kindle. 

The book does not hold up well compared to modern sci-fi. That’s probably an unfair comparison. The characters are one dimensional, the world building for humanity is precursory. There are sexist tropes in the book. There are no complex motivations. The book tells us very little about the human condition. It doesn’t reflect on our place in the world and it can’t be used to Examen who we are today (or who we were). 

What it does well is introduce some very neat ideas about how a totally alien civilisation might appear to humans, and what it might be like to interact with a body (Rama) that is largely inscrutable. It does this very well. 

I felt i got lost out of the book as reading it ins historic perspective rather than firings own sake. 

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