Ian Mulvany

April 29, 2023

Dryad board meeting 2023

I’ve just landed back in london after attending the dryad board meeting. I have the great privilege of being the treasurer of dryad. 

We worked hard for two and a half days to assess the current state of dryad and to draft sone strategic goals for the next three years. I feel folk left with the feeling of a job well done. It was a great meeting. 

We were generously hosted by the Banbury centre of cold spring Harbor laboratory, and the dryad chair Jason Williams gave a few of us a tour around the laboratories. 

Brief brief reflections before they fritter away 

  • Long Island is stunningly beautiful 
  • The Banbury centre is where folk agreed to take on the human genome project, so the place is steeped in modern scientific history 
  • It’s a little intimidating, and at first glance you might think that it could fall into the category of “big man science” yet balancing that cold spring Harbor runs seminars and training for thousands and thousands of scientists every year. 
  • I’d not realised, but Jim Watson still lives there. 
  • They have a tradition of serving lobster 🦞 on the last night of any conference. I recommend this.  

I got to spend a few days in New York at the end of the board meeting. New York is pretty much New York, but there are a lot more pedestrian spaces, and the bike lanes and extra space to allow people to cross the streets make a real positive difference. 

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