Ian Mulvany

January 9, 2022

easy reading to make writing easy - book review - the agile comms handbook

I've just finished reading The agile comms handbooks by Giles Turnbull (https://gilest.org/index.html).


It is an easy read filled with wisdom about how to make communication both genuine, and if not easy, at least not painful. 

I grew up in product managment in London in the early aughties, and so a lot of my experiences were formed by the wonder and promise of Web 2.0. The Government Digital Service (GDS) cast a large, and largely positive shadow, across many groups working at that time, so much of what is written in this book seems to me to be first order common sense, but that makes it no less valuable. 

I highly recommend the book, and I really like the focus on communicating as if speaking, the importance of finding a genuine voice, of asking what the purpose of a communication is, of the advice to encourage people to engage with shit first drafts. 

But in summary I think what is at the heart of this book is about reducing friction. As a leader take away the friction to good communication within your organisation. By making things easier, things better things can happen. 


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