Ian Mulvany

December 15, 2021

I have missed the conference circuit for the last few years

I've just been browsing through the agenda for Force2021 - https://force2021.sched.com. I have missed a lot of great conferences over the last few years. I managed to make ConTech live in person this year, but I missed Charleston, I missed being able to attend really any of AWS re-invent - even virtually. I don't think PIDAPALOOZA took place, I am hoping to make some time to attend parts of NISO+ - https://www.niso.org/events/2020/02/niso-plus-conference

In spite of missing these meetings, however, the general ebb and flow of topics is not a fast one. From a distance I've seen open citations become a thing. The importance of support for communities where infrastructure at play has also come more into focus. AI is an ever green topic, but maybe the barrier of working with language models has not lowered enough so that it is not an overwhelming topic - yet. Sustainable development goals appear to be an emerging topic. Surely climate impact has to be one that needs more focus too? 

I hope to make more time, but in the next 12 months I am not overly optimistic. What are the trends I should be keeping specifically on top of, in the meantime? 

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