Ian Mulvany

November 26, 2023

In our time - Einstein

Episode rating B+/A-

I was fairly familiar with Einstein’s life, having had a fascination with the birth of modern physics for some time, but even still I learnt a few new things about him from this episode.

I’d forgotten quite how long he had worked in obscurity as a parent attorney.

Somehow I’d forgotten that his families business was in electo-mechanical installations.

I’d lost the appreciation of how radical his ideas were at the time, and it was a good reminder of how radial ideas were attached to antisemitic fervour.

I would have loved to potentially have heard a bit more about how Eddington’s measurements of the eclipse were massaged for publication, in an apparent move where experiment was aligned with theory.

If you want to dig into in our time episodes more there is a fantastic site that allows you to explore the archive in all sorts of ways: https://genmon.github.io/braggoscope/.

Classifications from OpenAI: historical biography, physics, anti-semitism, science theory, 500 - natural sciences and mathematics

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