Ian Mulvany

May 6, 2023

in our time notes - Tycho Brahe

#inourtime/notes #astronomy

I’d give this episode a solid B. I already knew quite a bit about Brahe from my background in astrophysics. Much of my internal impression came from reading Arthur Koestler’s the sleepwalkers many years ago - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sleepwalkers-History-Changing-Universe-Classics-ebook/dp/B06VSXFQJH

I did pick up some tidbits:

• His island Uraniborg was named after the goddess of astronomy - Urania. How did I not know that!
 • He received significant funding from the state, amounting as points to a few % of GDP.
 • His connection with Kepler was deepened due to his forced exile from Denmark and eventual move to Prague. • His noses were made of alternatively brass or silver. I’d thought that it was gold.
 • He had his own paper mill and print works built on the island to support publication of his works (I guess a bit like running your own blog!).

If you want to dig into in our time episodes more there is a fantastic site that allows you to explore the archive in all sorts of ways: https://genmon.github.io/braggoscope/.

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