Ian Mulvany

May 22, 2023

In our time - Persuasion


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I know very little about the life or world of Jane Austin, so it was a delight to listen to this episode. My aim with this series of posts is to note down things that I had learnt, however as I knew so little before it would take too long to write, so I’ll keep it to a few short observations.

  • The novel is set at the tail end of the Napoleonic wars.
  • One of the interesting social dynamics of that time is a large rise in wealth of men who had served in the navy.
Reader, it has a happy ending.

I started watching the 2022 Netflix adaptation, and I’m enjoying it.

If you want to dig into in our time episodes more there is a fantastic site that allows you to explore the archive in all sorts of ways: https://genmon.github.io/braggoscope/

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