Ian Mulvany

November 26, 2023

In our time, the Ramayana

My recollected rating: A

I really enjoyed this episode, and basically learnt all about the epic, but I have now mostly forgotten the details. I Got GPT to summarise the work again for me, and what I recall from the episode is a good analysis of the role and tribulations of Sita in the work.

GPT summary - The Ramayana is one of the ancient epic tales of India, with its composition believed to have started around 500 BCE and continuing over several centuries. It is a narrative poem that tells the heroic adventures of Lord Rama, his wife Sita, and his loyal companions. The epic explores themes of righteousness, duty, love, and the battle between good and evil, making it a cherished literary and religious text in Hinduism.

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If you want to dig into in our time episodes more there is a fantastic site that allows you to explore the archive in all sorts of ways: https://genmon.github.io/braggoscope/.

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