Ian Mulvany

December 1, 2021

Is AI Magic already here for conference posters?

https://mindthegraph.com/ is an interesting service. It has a web app that allows you to create infographics based on a library of about 40,000 scientific graphics (they have created something to represent the most common concepts in science, so you plug them in to your visualisation, saving you time, and removing the need for you to pay for an illustrator). 

That's a pretty reasonable value proposition, and the web app looks like it might be neat to use. 

But where they take this a step further is their tool to auto build a poster for you based on your paper. 

They use scholarcy's summarisation algorithm, and then suggest images for you based on entity extraction from the text. 

They then pre-format the poster for you - wow! 

Alas, when I tried it on a test paper, it got most of the steps to making a poster, and then somehow hung, but I thin it works for most people. 

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