Ian Mulvany

March 2, 2022

open letter asking for more support for Ukrainian refugees

Yesterday I wrote to my MP to ask them to continue to advocate for improved support for Ukrainian refugees. 

I am publicly posting this in the hope that it encourages others to write to their MPs. 

Dear Meg, 

As your constituent, I am writing to ask you to continue to advocate for relaxed visa requirements for asylum seekers from Ukraine. I am certain that you are doing this in any case, but hope that this message can be used in broader evidence to support your arguments. 

While I am writing in a personal capacity, I also have people working in my teams who have extended family in Ukraine who are trying to find a safe route to get to them here in the UK. 

I am Chief Technical Officer at the British Medical Journal and the work we do is focused on creating a healthier world. Our teams work on this day in and day out. The British Medical Journal has had enormous influence globally on many important debates in support of this work, and I think this work enhances the reputation of the UK. 

Now I can see our teams personally affected by the situation in Ukraine. While of course as a country we should be supportive of all people in conflict, this current situation brings into such stark contrast the difference between our narrative as a county, and the actions we will actually take. 

I strongly ask that the government relax visa requirements now, and ask for your support in arguing for this. I can see the direct line between the kindness we may offer as a nation, and how that kindness can have knock on and beneficial effects for the UK and the world at large. 

With kind regards, 

- Ian Mulvany

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