Ian Mulvany

March 16, 2021

Primer.ai are an interesting company

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Primer.ai https://primer.ai/ are an interesting company. They use machine learning models to create workflows and tools to make text comprehensible at scale. As far as I was aware most of their revenue is coming from the non academic market, but there is clearly a sweet spot to be found in applying tools like this to the scholarly literature. Scholarcy https://www.scholarcy.com/ are hard at this, and semantic scholar released auto generated summaries on abstracts some time back (https://medium.com/ai2-blog/introducing-tldrs-on-semantic-scholar-f8310c51c1fb).

Primer released their AI enhanced Covid overview page some time back: https://covid19primer.com/dashboard


I'd just assumed that this was a demo to show what their technology could do, but not that it indicated strategy to play in the academic space. 

I was intrigued today to see on their homepage that they are partnering with AAAS on https://www.sciline.org/ - which seems to be a portal to connect researchers to journalists. 

It's increasingly the case that what is more interesting - from a commerical perspective - are audiences, and not content, and this looks like just one of those plays. 

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