Ian Mulvany

January 12, 2024

Reading - 2024 - Book 1 - The System of the World.

I’m trying to do a bit of reading of a book every day in 2024. I’ve decided to give up on the piano for this year, and reduce my focus to reading, and getting fitter.

The first book I completed in 2024 was a re-read of The System of the World, by Neil Stephenson.

I read it a few years ago, and had re-read the other two volumes of the trilogy earlier in 2023. There are two things that I really liked about the book.

  • The main character Daniel Waterhouse strikes me as a pragmatic engineer, looking to move systems on where he can, in ways that make sense. I like that a lot. I’d forgotten a lot about that.
  • The book ends with a call to create if not the perfect system, at least a system that is better than the one that the enlightenment emerged out of. I like that a lot. I got a lot out of re-reading these three books.

There is a McGuffin running through all of his books, and this book is no exception. I used to obsess over this more than I do now.

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